Why Military Surplus Backpacks Are Great for Camping

Military surplus backpacks were designed for soldiers to carry everything they need on their backs. They are made from durable material and usually have at least one large compartment that allows you to pack all your gear in one place. Many people choose military surplus backpacks as a reliable option when camping because they can hold so much stuff and come with plenty of pockets for smaller items like wallets and phones.

Pack a Lot in a Small Space

Military surplus backpacks are great for camping because they pack a lot into a small space. You can carry all your belongings, including food, water, tools, and clothing, in one backpack instead of multiple bags, which is vital if you want to hike to your campsite or plan on going on daily hikes during your trip. Walking with multiple bags will slow you down and make it challenging to get around quickly.

Tough and Durable

The material used to make military backpacks is tough and durable. It has been designed to withstand the rigors of active duty, so you can be assured that it will also hold up well in your day-to-day life.

Additionally, many of these backpacks have reinforced stitching around the most vulnerable areas on the bag—the seams. There’s less chance of tearing or ripping than with other types of bags.

Made to Last

Because military backpacks are designed to withstand the stresses of combat, they’re built to last. They have straps and clips that hold your gear in place, preventing it from shifting or falling out during a hike. In some cases, the straps can be adjusted to accommodate items of varying sizes.

Lots of Pockets

Military surplus backpacks are perfect for camping because they have lots of pockets. Pockets are useful for storing things and can help you organize your belongings. Having a bunch of pockets also means you can carry more stuff around when you're out in the wild, whether it's food or water, extra clothes, or some books to read while relaxing in your tent.

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