2012 MLT 5060 Electric Floodlight Set - Used

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This is a complete floodlight system.  It may include operating spares and/or accessories.

This floodlight is a self-contained system with a power plant, capable of at least eight hours of continuous operation.  It has a primary tower-mounted light, as well as re-locatable ground lights.  They are capable of continuous field deployment in a wide variety of environmental extremes, including rough terrain.  This set is configured so that it can be mounted on a standard USMC trailer.

Model Number: 5060 MLT
Special Features: Engine - Mitsubishi S3L2, 4 cylinder, 2,600 RPM, 26 HP generator - Marathon.  Voltage regulator-capacitor.  Governor - mechanical.  Structure - steel.  Weight, per transportability report - 1,970 lbs.  Fuel tank capacity - 21 gallons.  Coolant capacity - 0.5 gallons oil capacity, 1 gallon voltage connection, 120/208V 3-phase.  Noise - 85 DBA.
Unpackaged Unit Length: 77 inches nominal.
Unpackaged Unit Height: 59 inches nominal.

*Freight charges not included*

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