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The HIGH GEAR Impact Reduction suit is state-of-the-art, force-on-force, scenario equipment designed to help create the most realistic training experience. Custom athletic design ensures snug fit for maximum range of motion and protection. The complete suit contains 8 components. HIGH GEAR is perfect for all aspects of combatives, like detainee handling drills & CQB, to more conventional training like MMA, grappling and the striking arts.

• State-of-the-art design with integrated foams to protect the chin, jaw, cheekbone and eye-socket.
• Full Plexi-Glass shield rests on a 100% leather encased, molded 1/4” HMWPE plastic frame with four adjustable straps

• Form-fitting, contoured plastic and padding ergonomically rest against the windpipe & throat.
• Offers additional protection from accidental strikes to the throat.

Torso protector
• Unprecedented mobility unavailable in any other chest guard on the market.
• Wrap around protection for the critical floating rib and solar plexus region.
• Unique foam and plastic trauma plate inserts protect the brachial tie-in, shoulder, clavicle and spinal regions.

Combat Gloves
• 100% leather, open palm design for excellent sensitivity for weapons and transition to detainee handling.
• Plastic trauma plates protect the metacarpals and thumb from shock damage during training.


• Innovative design provides extended protection to the ulna, forearm, elbow and triceps region.
• Designed for delivering forearms & elbows during CQC, crowd penetration or ground and pound.


• Lightweight, one-piece design with heavy duty lycra covering offers flexible protection for the complete upper thigh, hip and tailbone.
• Internal padding and trauma plates allow


• Wrap-around design protects the calf and knee cap.
• Additional cushioning for the MCL and LCL ligaments.
• Lightweight, tight-fitting with plastic trauma shields to protect the shin bone and top of the foot.

• Additional padding for knee and shin kicks to the nerve clusters above the knee.
• Fills the gap between the top of the shin pads and the bottom of the combat shorts.

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