AeroChamber Plus® Z STAT® aVHC By Monaghan - 79750

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AeroChamber Plus Z STAT anti-static Valved Holding Chamber (aVHC) helps reduce the coordination required between canister activation and inhalation, making it easier for the patient to use the Metered Dose Inhaler correctly. It also reduces drug deposition to the mouth and throat, helping to eliminate the unpleasant taste of medication or hoarseness.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Low Resistance Inhalation valve design on the AeroChamber Plus increases aerosol suspension time for better inhalation and consistent medicine dosage delivery.
  • Built-in FLOWSIGnal® Whistle alerts patients of improper technique when inhaling too quickly
  • Effective delivery of medication to lungs
  • Portable and compact, this spacer measures 6 “ by 2”, making this convenient for travel and storage
  • Designed for single patient use, AeroChamber Plus is a cost-effective, reusable, and easy to clean respiratory therapy treatment tool
  • Not Made or Manufactured with BPA, Natural Rubber Latex, Phthalates, Lead, or PVC


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