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Ultipor 100 Breathing System Filter  Product ID:  BB100A

Box of 50 BB100A Filters In Original Packaging
For Use in Intensive care and Anesthesia - Single Patient Use Only

Product Information For Ultipor BB100A Filter

Packaging Quantity:  50
Liquid Borne Bacterial/Viral Removal Efficacy:   100 %
Airborne Bacterial/Viral Removal Efficacy:    >99.999 %
Humidification:   Water loss: 8 mg/L up to 800 mL tidal volume
Resistance at 60 L/min:   2 cm H2O
Connections:   Tapered connections (ISO 5356-1:2004)
  • Patient side: 15 mm ID + 22mm OD
  • Breathing system side: 22 mm ID
Approx Filter Volume (Metric mL):   85 mL
Approx Weight (Dry Filter) (Metric g):     47 g
Recommended Usage:   Change filter after 24 hours. Use life may be extended to 48 hours if wet nebulization is not performed. Single use (change for each new patient). Use only at the patient end of the circuit.
Filter Material:   Ceramic bonded, pleated hydrophobic membrane
Housing Construction:   Transparent, non-conductive



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