BD 28080E SmartSite MedSystem III Blood Infusion Set 200 Micron Filter - 20 Pack

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The Medsystem III Blood Infusion Set (20/case) is a great product that is used by healthcare professionals to connect the Medsystem III Infusion Pump directly to the patient for blood infusion. This device is latex-free, sterile, and is designed to ensure a patient's safety and optimal efficiency in the proper administration of blood.


High-Quality Design: This Infusion Set is designed to have 20 drops of liquid which is equivalent to 1mL, and it has an approximate length of 106” making it efficient for infusion. It has a 200 micron blood filter which removes debris such as clots, ensuring accuracy during blood infusion to the patient.

It is primed at a volume of 32mL before connecting to the patient, and contains a 9” Needle-Free Valve allowing injection and  aspiration of fluids without the use of needles. It has 2 unvented spikes wherein no air is required to enter the container in order for fluid to flow.


  • 9” Needle-Free Valve
  • 2 Spike(s) (Unvented)
  • In-Line Drip Chamber
  • 200 µm Drip Chamber Filter
  • 1 SmartSite Valve Y Port
  • 3 Roller Clamp(s)
  • 1 Male Luer(s)
  • Rotating Male Luer(s)


Expiration Date : 2023/01/30


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