Customizable impact/blast mitigation matting for vehicles

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These floor mats were originally developed to reduce injuries caused from extreme impact events.

They are ultra light and weigh less than 0.75 pounds per square foot.

Available in FAA approved materials for aircraft use.

The mats significantly reduce the kinetic energy transmitted to the Tibia and lower extremities from shock and impact.

These floor mats reduce high Tibia loads, that result from floor accelerations in armored vehicles from IED's and landmine blasts, in excess of 1600lbf while being less than 1.5" thick. 

Key points of our product

Finished first in USMC blast testing for the MRAP program.

Meets or exceeds all specifications of the MRAP blast mitigating floor mats for slip resistance, anti fungal, and flammability.

Minimum coefficient of friction wet 0.74

DOT FMVSS 302 passes with a burn rate of less than 1" per minute.

FAA FAR 29.853 (a) (2) mats are self extinguishing. 

R-6 thermal insulation value.

59pcf buoyancy, provides additional buoyancy for craft, can be used as supplemental crew floatation. 

Service temp -25 ~ +130 degrees Fahrenheit

Storage life expectancy; 10+ years @ -25 ~ +160 degrees Fahrenheit

Extremely durable.

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