Pentair nVent Caddy Cat HP 1" J-Hook to Pedestal 7/8" - 1 1/8" rnd or 3/4" sq - 50 Units

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Pentair CADDY CAT HP J-Hooks are the heart of the CADDY CAT HP System. The J-Hooks have a wide base design and smooth beveled edges to provide a large bending radius for current and future high-performance data cables and fiber optics. CADDY CAT HP J-Hooks a re available in a wide range of sizes to offer a solution that meets industry standards for Cat 6A and easily accommodates Cat 7, large-diameter fiber optic, innerduct and coax cable. Individual CADDY CAT HP J-Hooks can be fastened directly to the buil ding structure or can be used to expand existing CADDY CAT HP J-Hook cable supports. The J-Hooks are designed to provide a strong and stable pathway support installation.

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