B&K Precision 2650 Portable Handheld 3.3GHz Spectrum Analyzer with Pelican 1450 Case

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B&K Precision 2650 3.3 GHz spectrum analyzer.  Measures the power of signals from known and unknown sources. As a frequency analyzer, spectrum analyzers’ main use is to document and analyze electrical input signals as well as spectral compositions of other signals.

Package Includes:

  • B&K Precision 2650 Spectrum Analyzer
  • Pelican 1450 Hard Case
  • B&K Soft Case
  • A/C Adaptor/Charger
  • User Manual
  • Power Cord
  • Diamond Antenna RH77CA - 15"
  • RS232 Interface Cable

 Additional Features:

  • Measuring frequency range from 50KHz to 3.3GHz
  • Auto tuning function
  • Channel power measurements
  • Adjacent channel power measurements
  • Occupied bandwidth measurements
  • Electric field strength measurements
  • Magnetic field strength measurements
  • Min/Max hold
  • Average and over write mode
  • Marker measurement
  • Switchable 50 or 75 ohm input impedance
  • Peak search
  • Auto tuning
  • Auto range
  • Save/Load
  • Hard copy of display (with optional PT 2650)
  • UL approved

 Frequency Section

  • Frequency Range: 50KHz to 3.3GHz

Center Frequency

  • Setting Resolution: 100KHz, Allows rotary encoder, numeric keys and function keys (up and down) for setting CF
  • Accuracy: < +(30+100T) KHz @ 200KHz to 10MHz span; < +(100+700T) KHz @ 20MHz to 3.3GHz span at 23ºC (+5ºC), T = sweep time(s)

Frequency Span

  • Setting Range: 0Hz (zero span), 200KHz to 2GHz (1-2-5 steps) and 3.3GHz (full span)
  • Accuracy: less than +3% @ 23ºC (+5ºC)
  • Resolution Bandwidth: 3dB bandwidth
  • Setting Range: 3KHz to 3MHz (1-3 step) and AUTO
  • Accuracy: less than +20%
  • Selectivity: 1:12 (nominal) @ 3dB:60dB
  • Video Bandwidth: 100Hz to 300KHz (1-3 step), OFF and AUTO
  • SSB Phase Noise: -90dBc/Hz (typical) @ 100KHz offset
  • Spurious Response: less than –60dBc


Amplitude Selection

  • Reference Level
  • Setting Range: +10 to –40dBm in 1dB step
  • Accuracy: less than +0.8dB @ RBW: 3MHz, VBW: OFF, ATT: 0dB, 23ºC (+5ºC)
  • Unit: dBm, dBV, dBmV, dB mV
  • Average Noise Level: -110dBm (typical) @ RBW: 3KHz, VBW: 100Hz
  • Input Impedance: 50W
  • Input VSWR: less than 2.0

Input Attenuator

  • Operating Range: 0 to 25dB @ 1dB step coupled with reference level
  • Switching Error: less than +0.6dB
  • RBW Switching Error: less than +0.6dB

Display Scale

  • Scale: 10dB/div, 2dB/div
  • Accuracy: less than +0.8dB/10dB; less than +0.2dB/2dB; less than +1.6dB/70dB
  • Input Damage Level: +23dBm (CW average power), 25VDC
  • Input Connector: SMA(J)

 Sweep Section

Sweep Time

  • Setting Range: 10ms to 30s (1-3 step) and AUTO
  • Accuracy: less than +0.1% (less than +1.5% @ full span)
  • Trigger Mode: AUTO @ zero span
  • Detection Mode: Positive peak, Negative peak, sample

The B&K Precision 2650 is a high-performance handheld spectrum analyzer providing excellent performance and functions perfect for many different applications. It is a compact, lightweight and inexpensive unit that is ideal for testing W-CDMA, CDMA, GSM, PDC, PHS, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth systems.

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