Delfi Medical P.T.S portable tourniquet system - model 9-2100-002

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Manufacturer # 9-2100-002
Brand PTS
Manufacturer Delfi Medical Innovations
Application Automatic Tourniquet System
Dimensions 9.45 H X 1.97 D Inch
Usage Reusable
Width 4.57 Inch


  • Includes: Mount Kit for IV Pole
  • Operates on ambient air and requires no source of compressed air of gas
  • Compact ‘palm’ size saves OR space
  • Fully operational with internal batteries (included) for extended periods of time, or AC power (wall adapter included). Batteries automatically recharge whenever AC is plugged in
  • Display and regulation of tourniquet pressure
  • Tourniquet time and pressure are both shown at all times on a large LCD display
  • Audio-visual alarms for elapsed tourniquet time, high and low pressure, and other conditions
  • Automatic self-test occurs at each power-up
  • Patented ‘Safety Circuit’ feature warns of any internal faults detected
  • Patented ‘Cuff Alert’ feature prevents inadvertent power-off while cuff is inflated
  • Default settings for tourniquet pressure and time can be changed by the user
  • Optimized for use with single port Delfi tourniquet cuffs and other premium tourniquet cuffs
  • ‘Positive Locking Connector’ feature helps prevent accidental disconnection of tourniquet cuff
  • Cuff Pressure Range 50 - 475 mmHg, adjustable in 5 mmHg increments, automatically regulated to within +/- 10 mmHg of the selected pressure
  • Time alarm range: 0-240 minutes, adjustable in 5 minute increments
  • Inflates or deflates a typical 34 inch thigh cuff within 25 seconds

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6 missing original boxes (all parts included in bag)

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