ESS URX 740-0444 Sunglass/Goggle Prescription Insert For Cross Series

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ESS URX Prescription Insert 740-0433 was developed to be the most comprehensive and adaptable Rx Solution ever made. The URX Prescription Insert from ESS Safety Glasses and Goggles is compatible with all ESS Eye shields and ESS Profile Goggles. This ESS Eyewear Accessory is made of a nylon material and approved by the US Army for the new APEL and MCEPS standards. Featuring two sets of nose pieces and goggle adapters, the ESS Universal Rx Insert 0433 makes your safety glasses or goggles Rx compatible.


Compatible with : ESS Crossbow Eye shield, ESS ICE Eye shield, ESS ICE NARO Eye shield, ESS Profile NVG Goggle, ESS Profile Turbofan Goggle, Oakley SI Ballistic Goggle, Oakley M-Frame 2.0 Eye shield, ESS Crossblade

Accommodates : up to +/- 11

Range of Correction : +11/-11



  • Fits all ESS eye shields and Profile goggles
  • Makes eyewear Rx compatible
  • Designed with comfortable nosepiece

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