EverBlast Tungsten Carbide 1" Entry 3/4" Bore 6-3/4" Length Sandblasting Nozzle

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This high quality tungsten carbide sandblasting nozzle, increases velocity of abrasive/air mixture as it passes through nozzle by using an internal liner profile, that produces a venturi (laval nozzle) effect.


Nozzle is constructed using engineering grade thermoplastic for ez grip jacket.


Specifically made for the US Military (Model 20-644)



Material : Tungsten Carbide

Nozzle Length : 6-3/4"

Nozzle Width : 1.5"

Threads : 1-1/4" NPSM Fine Threads

Material : Tungsten Carbide

Inlet : 1"

Bore : 3/8"

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