FirstCare Sterile Trauma Wound Dressing 8" Abdominal / Large Wound Area Bandage

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The Emergency Bandage

Consolidates the following

  • Pressure Applicator
  • Non-Adherent Pad
  • Elastic Secondary Dressing
  • Stop & Go Release
  • Closure Bar


Not made with natural rubber latex

Gamma Sterilization



Please note: These 8" Abdominal / Large bandages have a 12"x12" pad, and 8" elastic dressing leader (the long part which holds the pad). Until recently, the bandages were called 12" Abdominal / Large Wound Bandages.  Now they are referred to as the 8" Abdominal / Large Wound Area Bandage.  Also commonly referred to as an 8" Israeli Bandage.

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