Impact Eagle Uni-Vent 754 Medical Transport Ventilator W P. Supply - New Open Box

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Impact Uni-Vent 754 Features

The Impact Univent 754 is a portable transport ventilator. It has a variety of PEEP ventilation modes including Assist Control, SIMV, CPAP, and CMV. With a Compressor and blender. The system is completely contained and does not require any outside gas. The Uni-Vent 754 can be used on patients ranging from Neonatal to adults. The backlight LCD screen provides an area to monitor the patient's vitals and alarm settings. The Impact ventilator system runs off an internal rechargeable battery along with additional posts for ac power as well. The ventilator comes with an interactive demo and teach mode and is EMI/RFI and Air Medical Certified.


  • Compact and Light weight
  • Operating Modes: ACV, SIMV,  CPA  and  CMV


Impact Uni-Vent 754 Specifications


Operating Modes

  • ACV – with/without PEEP, SIGH, and PRESSURE PLATEAU
  • SIMV - with/without PEEP SIGH and PRESSURE PLATEAU
  • CPAP – with/without PEEP
  • CMV – for Apnea backup of ACV, SIMV and CPAP

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