Military Issue Entrenching Tool (E-Tool), Folding Shovel w/ D Handle

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The US Military Entrenching Tool is an authentic US military folding shovel. This shovel features a tri-fold design allowing it to store compact and out of the way when not needed. Having been fielded by the US military and most NATO aligned forces for decades this combat tested and battle proven shovel is perfect for use while camping or keeping on hand for emergencies. 

The US Military Tri-Fold Entrenching Tool has been the standard issue entrenching tool since the 1970s. This simple yet effective folding shovel is a near perfect design with the compact profile and tough performance that rivals much larger shovels. Soldiers in virtually all parts of the world have used this military shovel to dig holes while in combat or while on drill. No other shovel has shown the level of performance of this entrenching tool which has lead to it being adopted by so many national military forces around the world.

The tri-fold shovel has become a must-have item for those who enjoy camping or hiking. There are always times when you need a good shovel but cannot take a full sized shovel into the field. This compact folding shovel will give you the tool you need yet takes up little space in your pack when folding down to size. With the compact proven design you can be sure no matter what your challenge is the US Military Entrenching Tool will be up to the task and perform flawlessly.

Authentic US Military Entrenching Tool
Tri-Fold Design - Compact and Powerful
Marked U.S. and Manufacturer on Handle
Serrated Edge for Cutting Branches

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