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PolyShade85 is the first and only polycarbonate Finished Single Vision category 3 sun lens with tint embedded in the substrate.  PolyShade85 lenses allow between 8% and 18% Visual Light Transmission and are the darkest FSV polycarbonate sun lenses on the market.  PolyShade85 is ideal for consumers and ECPs alike. It provides a solution to optical retailers looking to offer one-hour or same-day prescription sunglasses to their clientele.

These lenses also provide impact-resistant UVA/UVB protection sun protection to consumers.  They also eliminate the hassle of Polycarbonate lens tinting.  It is the first - and so far only - Finished Single Vision category 3 sun lens in polycarbonate material (inherent UV protection).

They are also the first impact resistant FSV category 3 sun lenses, and they are the first tint-embedded stock category 3 Rx sun lenses that can be used in Drill Mounts.  There is no white edge at the lens circumference, and they can enhance darkness with a tintable hard coat.

Visual Light Transmission rates range from 20% to less than 10%, depending on Rx strength.

*These are the Sun Lens Single Vision lenses.  Sizes vary.  When placing order, please send us a message regarding which size you need; we will send you the size you need.*

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