Portable Vehicle Arresting Barrier PVAB M1 Security Stop Net (Shipping included)

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This Military Security, Portable Vehicle Arresting Barrier, PVAB M1, Security Stop Net is in excellent unused condition.  There are a few missing components.  However, all components are in excellent unused condition and in the original packaging.  Please see list of included items.  The missing components are (2) Air Tanks for the Erector Assembly, (6) Bump Modules and (1) Spare Cable Anchor Assembly Kit.  There is an extra Tool Kit and Brake Webbing.  This system comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  Includes everything in the pictures and nothing else.
Box 1 Includes:

(2) Erector Assembly’s W/O Air Tanks
Control System
(24) Lift Strings
(2) Spare Brake Webbings 
(1) Reflector
Tool Kit
300′ Control Cable on Spool
30′ Control Cable
6′ Control Cable
Instruction Card
Box 2 Includes:
(1) Bump Module
(2) Bump End Modules
(2) Net Assembly’s
(4) Ratchet Blocks
(1) Airpump
(24) Bump Hinge Pins
(12) DTL
(2) Front Capture Lines 
(2) Rear Capture Lines

Box 3 Includes:
(4) Strap Anchor Assembly Kits
Box 5-7 Includes:
(2) Brake Box Assembly’s
(4) Anchor Plate Assembly’s
(3) Cable Anchor Assembly Kits
(1) Spare Net Assembly

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