QRT GUN SLING W/ QUICK RELEASE BUCKLE, M4, m16/Collapsible Stock, M203A1 black

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Product Highlights

  • Rapid action, ambidextrous, 3-point tactical sling
  • Constructed of 1¼" wide, thick heavy duty nylon
  • The QRT-QRB allows for "hands free" action, keeping the weapon close and always at the muzzle-down ready position, with the versatility to go prone, to conduct doorway searches both strong and weak side, as well as get a true "rifleman's" hold on the gun
  • The thumb activated dynamic release mechanism allows the sling to expand, especially when transitioning from strong side to weak side without removing the sling
  • Quick Release Buckle allows for quick release from the sling from the operator's body (with the sling remaining attached to the weapon), a critical safety mechanism especially during waterborne operations
  • The QRT can be used with the wraparound hand guard attachments or it can interface directly with weapon mounted swivels
  • Depending on the attachments purchased, the QRT-QRB sling is compatible with the following weapons:
  • M4, m16/Collapsible Stock, M203A1

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