Reichert Goldberg 1310400A TS Meter Clinical Handheld Refractometer

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The Goldberg TS Meter refractometer is a high precision handheld clinical refractometer that determines urine specific gravity, protein concentration in plasma or serum, and total solids in other aqueous solutions. Automatic temperature compensation provides accurate, reproducible results instantly using our exclusive hermetically sealed, liquid-filled prism that changes index with temperature.

The TS Meter provides readings with a degree of accuracy, reproducibility and speed significantly better than those obtained with urinometers or with non-temperature compensated instruments.

Accuracy and reproducibility are comparable to those of more costly benchtop Abbe refractometers. No other handheld refractometer offers such an exacting and precise compensation method.


Key Features

    • Urine specific gravity scale reading (range 1.000-1.035) with precision to 0.001 units
    • Serum/Plasma Protein concentration (range 2.5-15 grams/100mL) with precision of 0.1 grams/100mL
    • Refraction (0-320) with precision to 2
    • Small sample required - just 0.005mL - for accurate analysis
    • Accuracy and reproducibility comparable to benchtop Abbe refractometers


Technical Specifications:


Model TS Meter
Catalog Number 1310400A
Scales Urine Specific Gravity, Serum Protein, Refraction
Accuracy Urine Specific Gravity: ±0.001
Serum Protein: ±0.1 g/mL
Refraction Units: ±2
Range Urine Specific Gravity: 1.000 - 1.035
Serum Protein: 2.5 - 15.0 g/100 mL
Refraction: 0 - 320


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