Sage Prevalon® Heel Protector II for Heel Pressure Relief

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  • RELIEF FROM HEEL PRESSURE - Prevalon Heel Protectors provide a pillow surrounding the foot to reduce risk of pressure injury that can occur with non-ambulatory or bedridden patients.
  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT - The support provided by the Prevalon Heel Protector off-loads the pressure put on the heel and allows the heel to float off the surface of the bed or wheelchair. The Heel protectors II and III help to prevent plantar flexion contracture by keeping the foot in an upright, neutral position. Heel Protector III also helps prevent lateral foot and leg rotation with an integrated wedge positioned on the outside of the boot to stabalize the lower leg.
  • DESIGNED TO STAY IN PLACE - Grey dermasuede interior grips foot and ankle to keep boot in place. Interior material is soft, breathable and wicks away moisture for breathability throughout wear. Open heel design allows you to confirm the heel is properly placed and no pressure is on the heel. When the boot stays in place you can ensure continuous pressure relief.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR ALL PATIENTS - Prevalon heel protectors are designed for maximum comfort with pillow-style cushioning and breathable fabric interior. Adjustable stretch panels ensure comfortable security for any size leg. Low-friction nylon exterior easily slides over bed sheets and allows freedom of movement without slipping out of place - unlike pillows.
  • SECURE FIT FOR ANY SIZE - Stretch panels adjust in seconds for a secure fit. Ambidextrous for ease of use. Multiple sizes available in the Heel Protector III. See our measurement guide to measure calf circumference.

Due to health regulations, this product is non-returnable once opened.

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