Teleflex Hudson RCI 8884719025 Voldyne 2500 Volumetric Exerciser

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Unit/Case: 1 Unit
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Teleflex Voldyne 2500 mL Incentive Spirometer is the ideal choice for patients requiring post-operative physiotherapy. It delivers a reliable measurement of inhaled lung volumes to maximize clinical outcomes. The volume measurement up to 2500 mL accommodates smaller inspired volumes.


Voldyne Incentive Spirometer Features:

  • Clear, graduated markings – easy to read.
  • Target slider – you can adjust your target up as you meet your goal.
  • Built-in handle – makes it easy to hold.
  • Volume piston – measures your breath intake.
  • Detachable mouthpiece – makes it easy to clean after each use.
  • Flow Window – Good/Better/Best.
  • Low Work-of-Breathing Design – reduces breathing burden.

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