US Army ACU SKEDCO 500ml IV Kit

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The Combat IV Pak™ is a revolutionary development in the employment of Intravenous (IV)/Intraosseous (IO) fluids across the continuum of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) on the modern battlefield. Anytime! Anywhere!

SKEDCOs Extreme Medicine™ TCCC Education, Training, and Product Development Division introduces its break through Combat IV Pak™ designed by the Combat Medic for the Combat Medic. These products provide a durable, economical, lightweight, and versatile means to store, organize, and employ IV/IO fluids in the tactical environment.

The Combat IV Pak’s™ unique design integrates storage and organization of IV/IO fluids and administration supplies facilitating the employment of IV/IO capabilities in accordance with the “Principles of TCCC” ensuring the “right stuff” is at the “right place” at the “right time.”

Logistical Cross-Loading of Class VIII Medical Equipment and Supplies on the Battlefield

The Combat IV Pak™ incorporates an adjustable ¾” side-release buckle and suspension strap allowing for convenient suspension of the CIVP from the operator during Tactical Field Care and Combat CASEVAC when no other means exists as well as to hang the CIVP via conventional means when available.

The Combat IV Pak™ in the hands of a skilled medical operator rapidly converts to an improvised pressure infuser when combined with an adult sphygmomanometer. This feature allows for the even application of positive pressure to the IV fluid supporting IO infusion and easing horizontal transport of the CIVP near the casualty that in turn minimizes the dependence on gravity, IV poles, and lengthy IV lines during Tactical Field Care and Combat CASEVAC or MEDEVAC operations.

The Combat IV Pak™ employs IV fluids across the environmental spectrum by combining -40°F “no crack” vinyl with lightweight neoprene to provide insulation to the CIVP. The integrated adjustable ¾” side-release buckle and suspension strap provides a means to hang one or two CIVPs (when connected together) near the operator’s body assisting in the maintenance of optimum fluid temperatures.

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